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Palm Springs Aerial TramwayNote:The Valley Station, the tramcar and the Mountain Station are all fully wheelchair accessible and A.D.A. compliant.


  • September 1963
  • Two 80-passenger enclosed rotating cars
  • Valley Station - 2,643'
  • Mountain Station - 8,516'

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

One Tramway Road
Palm Springs, CA. 92262

Click Here for Palm Springs TRAM Tickets and TRAM Schedule of Operations!

The Tramway will be closed for Annual Maintenance several weeks during the Fall.
Approximately 12,800' with vertical ascent of 5,873' - 15 minutes travel time one way.
Five towers support four 1-7/8" steel cables as well as four hauling cables, two auxiliary cables and a communications cable. The first tower is the tallest at 214' high; Tower Number Four is the shortest at 56 1/2' high. The weight of steel in the five towers totals 263 tons; the weight of the 11 cables totals 330 tons. The maximum span between towers is 3,455' between Towers 3 and 4.
Cars depart at least every half hour from 10 a.m., Monday-Friday; 8 a.m. weekends and holiday periods. Last car up is 8 p.m. with the last car down at 9:45 p.m.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Fact Sheet
Elevation of lower terminal (Valley Station): 2,643ft 806m ASL Palm Springs TRAM
Elevation of upper terminal (Mountain Station):  8,516ft 2597m ASL
Difference of elevation: 5,873ft 1,791m
Actual length traveled along cables: 12,780ft 3,895m
Average gradient: 26 degrees  
Maximum gradient: 42 degrees  
Number of intermediate towers: 5  
The first tower is the tallest at approximately 227ft  
Car dimensions: 8ft high inside 18ft in diameter
Weight (carriage, hanger and cabin) empty: 22,000lb 10,000kg
Weight (carriage, hanger and cabin) loaded: 13,600lb 6,200kg
Total weight: 35,600lb 16,200kg
Capacity of each car: Approx. 80 passengers plus 1 car operator
Maximum existing traveling speed:  1,970 linear feet per minute. 21 mph 10 m/sec  
Maximum future traveling speed:  2,165 linear feet per minute. 24 mph 11 m/sec Palm Springs TRAM
Maximum possible traveling speed while passing towers:  1,575 linear feet per minute 18 mph 8 m/sec
System of electric drive:  3 Phase Regenerative D.C. SCR
Maximum output of DC hoist motor: 1,100 HP 1,350 KW
Continuous output: 675 HP 855 KW
Number and size of cables:
  • 2 x 2 tension to track ropes of 3 inches / 75mm diameter 
  • 2 x 2 stationary track cables of 1-7/8 inches / 47.5mm diameter
  • 1 lower hauling rope of 1-9/16 inches / 40mm diameter
  • 1 upper counter rope of 1-3/4 inches / 45mm diameter
  • 1 auxiliary rope of 15/16 inches / 24mm diameter
  • 1 telephone rope of 5/8 inches / 16.2mm diameter, with a fiber optic core. 
The cable span and number of slack rope carriers:
     Valley Station to Tower 1   (1 slack carrier) 1,148ft 349m  
     Tower 1 to Tower 2   ( 5 slack carriers) 3,280ft 1,000m  
     Tower 2 to Tower 3   (4 slack carriers) 3,225ft 983m Palm Springs TRAM
     Tower 3 to Tower 4   (4 slack carriers) 3,455ft 1,053m
     Tower 4 to Tower 5   (1 slack carrier) 968ft 295m
     Tower 5 to Mt. Station   (no slack carrier) 695ft 212m
Individual Tower Heights:  
     Tower 1 227ft 69.1m
     Tower 2 146ft 44.4m
     Tower 3 83ft  25.3m
     Tower 4 65ft 19.8m
     Tower 5 68ft 20.6m
FACT:  Each pair of track cables is tensioned by counterweights at the Valley Station, weighing in excess of 120 tons each.
FACT:  The haul and counter ropes are tensioned by a counterweight at the Mountain Station weighing 67 tons.
FACT:  Other rotating trams in the world:

Mt. Titlis, Engelberg, Switzerland
Operates winter and summer

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
Operates year round


Do I need to buy tickets in advance to ride the tram?
That is your option. Most people purchase tickets when they arrive, but if you wish to secure an exact time, you may purchase them from the Tram’s website at least 24 hours in advance, but not more than 6 weeks in advance.

What if I can’t print my tickets?
If you purchased tickets on the Tram’s website, bring your confirmation number to the ticket counter and they will print your boarding pass, or you may download your ticket to a smart phone and the gate agent will scan it. Reminder: Be sure to download your ticket before arrival, as there is no cell service at the tram.

What if I miss my reserved time?
Take your boarding pass to the ticket counter and they will issue you a new one for the next available tram car.

Is the tram car air conditioned?
No, but the windows are open to allow for ventilation.

What’s at the top?
There are two restaurants, a cocktail lounge, observation decks, a small natural history museum, two theaters showing State Park and tram construction videos, a gift shop, Magic Memories for photo viewing, and over 50 miles of hiking trails along with other nature activities.

How long does the tram ride take?
Approximately ten minutes in each direction.

Do you sell out?
The tram does not sell-out, but when parking lots are at capacity and/or wait times become excessive, we will temporarily delay additional ticket sales.

Are pets allowed?
Only service animals are allowed on the tram. The State Park also restricts pets to service animals.

How often do the trams run?
Tram cars run at least every 30 minutes and always on the hour. More frequent tram cars are scheduled as demand warrants.

Do you take credit cards?
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

Does bad weather cause the tram to shut down?
Safety always dictates weather-related shut downs. Generally, however, the tram only stops operating when there are sustained high winds and/or during electrical storms.

Do I need to make reservations for the restaurants?
Pine Café, a cafeteria-style restaurant, does not accept reservations. Peaks Restaurant, a waiter-service dining experience, does and reservations may be made by calling 760-325-4537.

What is the weather like at the top?
The weather at the Mountain Station is typically 30-40 degrees cooler than on the desert floor.

When is it going to snow?
During the past few years of drought, snow patterns have changed dramatically. In the 2014-2015 season, the first light snowfall occurred in November and the final, in mid-May.

When are you open?
The tram operates year round, seven-days-a-week except September when a maintenance closure is scheduled. Check Hours of Operation for exact dates.

Can pregnant women and/or infants ride the Tram?
They do, but we always suggest consulting with your physician first. The altitude change is approximately 6,000 feet during the 10-minute ride.

Do I need a hiking permit?
No permits are needed for Long Valley trails, but a wilderness permit is needed if hiking beyond the ranger station. There is no charge and it may be obtained upon arrival at the ranger station.

Do I need a camping permit?
Yes. The State Park charges $5 per person for camping permits. For more information, please click here.

Do I need to come all the way up the road?
Yes. The Tram’s Valley Station is located approximately 3.5 miles after turning onto Tram Way.

Is the Tram wheelchair accessible?
The Valley Station, the tramcar and the Mountain Station are all fully wheelchair accessible and A.D.A. compliant.

Can I bring an oxygen tank, stroller, walker, picnic chest, backpack etc. onto the tram?
Yes, but you may be asked to make some accommodation if the car is crowded (i.e. folding the stroller, setting backpack on floor, etc.)

Are there any shuttles or busses to the Tramway from Palm Springs?
There are not, but all local cab companies will take and pick up patrons at the Tram’s Valley Station.

What is the cost to park? Can I park overnight?
Please visit our Parking Information page for full details.

Are drones allowed?
Drones are not permitted at the Tramway , on Tram property, or in the State Park Wilderness Area. State Park regulations prohibit the use of motorized equipment (including UASs) within wilderness areas, cultural preserves, and natural preserves (Cal. Code Regs. tit.14, § 4351).

Click Here for Palm Springs TRAM Tickets and TRAM Schedule of Operations!

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